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General Self-Defense Classes
1 or 2 Hour Classes
These classes are for all ages, youth to seniors, for community groups, businesses, families and individuals. 
(Team Building for Business, Birthday Parties for ALL ages, Staff Parties, Family Events, College Students...) 

This class will help you to learn steps to avoid becoming a target and discover simple and effective techniques for defending yourself and others in a dangerous situation. 

Senior Citizen Self-Defense Classes
1 or 2 Hour Classes
This self-defense class for older adults introduces techniques, moves, and weapons - everyday items you can use to protect yourself. You’ll learn to use your cell phones as a weapon and some cane self-defense that transforms a common mobility aid into an effective tool for security. All you need is a general awareness of your surroundings and some basic moves.
Biking/Self-Defense Clinic
1 or 2 Hour Clinics
This course gives people the opportunity to empower themselves and feel strong and confident, on the bike and off. You will learn steps to avoid becoming a target and discover basic techniques for defending yourself if you do end up in a dangerous situation. You will learn how to use your bike as a shield and to use it to claim space.

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